The field of celiac disease research is moving rapidly. Doctors and researchers have made landmark discoveries, including which genes put people at high risk, what the true prevalence rate is, how cells behave when the disease develops, and how the disease process works.

But because our community continues to live in fear of food and is not able to live life to the fullest, it may not always feel like these research advances are making an impact on our lives.

And that’s because your story is the missing piece of the celiac disease puzzle.

In 2015, the Beyond Celiac Research Summit uncovered a critical gap in research: researchers do not have the information they need from patients in order to help you truly live better, longer.   

By learning more about your journey to diagnosis, the highlights and challenges of your life today and your hopes for the future, together we can solve delays in diagnosis, improve the emotional and economic burdens of celiac disease and better understand the long-term impacts of the disease.

The future is ours and it starts with breaking down the walls between our community and researchers. Go Beyond Celiac is a key step in working hand-in-hand towards a better life with celiac disease.

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