Our Research Goals

Beyond Celiac is committed to paving a new future for you and your family. To create this new future, we will:


  • We will increase our understanding of what patients and families want and need by collecting stories and related data from 20,000 people with celiac disease.


  • Based on what we learn from you, we will continue to educate members of the celiac disease community on how to successfully manage the disease.


  • We seek to increase the diagnosis rate from 17% to 25% through continued education about the serious nature and consequences of celiac disease.


  • We aim to register and train 10,000 people with celiac disease to become active participants in research through Go Beyond Celiac.


  • We will advance development of potential treatments and cures through research collaborations that unite patients and families with researchers and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.
  • We will work with both doctors and researchers from diagnostics companies who can help to improve the diagnosis rates and experiences.


  • We will work tirelessly to support approval of new therapies, improvements in clinical practices, reimbursement of patients’ medical expenses and treatments, and patients’ acceptance of new treatment options.