Beyond Celiac is a patient advocacy organization that is dedicated to fighting for people with celiac disease and their families.

We envision a world where the 4 in 5 people who are undiagnosed can restore their lives through a timely and accurate diagnosis. Once diagnosed, we believe that patients deserve options to treat this chronic disease beyond the gluten-free diet, which has been the only treatment for celiac disease since the 1800’s. What’s more, current research is proving that it is not fully effective for most people.

We aim to positively impact almost every aspect of celiac disease research by eliminating a major barrier to progress: the lack of reliable, in-depth patient information. Our aggressive research agenda advances pathways toward a cure for celiac disease, which many experts believe is possible within just 10 years.

Join us by registering for Go Beyond Celiac today - a first step in the fight against celiac disease.